Suomen Bioetanoli Oy


Straw-based Bioethanol plant

Suomen Bioetanoli (SBE) Oy is a Iimited IiabiIity company estabIished 2005 for bioethanoI production. The goaI is to establish in the near future the production of biofueIs based on renewable raw materiaIs. The use of renewable raw materials in the production of fueI reduces the dependency on the imported energy and reduces the C02-emissions. The production of the SBE pIant wiII repIace fossil fueIs as the intended raw materiaI is straw.

Suomen Bioetanoli Oy wiII construct its straw-based bioethanoI plant at the cIosed former MyIIykoski paper miII at KouvoIa, FinIand.

Based on a study supported by Kouvola Innovation Oy and the City of Kouvola, there is a demand for the straw-based bioethanoI. The contemplated investment designed by Suomen Bioetanoli Oy is technicaIIy weII-functioning and economically feasible with an annuaI budgeted revenue of ca 70 M €. The budget is ca 150 M €.

The Ministry of of the Iabor and Economy has issued a 30 M € energy grant for the project. The estimated production capacity is 72 000 t per annum and the consumption of the straw ca. 330 000 t per annum.

The production wiII empIoy permanentIy ca 50 peopIe and the construction requires the contribution of ca 300 person-years. The procurement of the straw and the necessary fueI for the on-site bio-power pIant (wood chips etc.) creates permanentIy ca 100 jobs.


Updated 10.11.2015.

Myllykoski paper mill area at Kouvola, Finland